The 100s of things I do with Vitamin E.




The 100’s of things “I” do with Vitamin E..

vitamin e
my uses 4 vitamin e


First off… Let me start out by saying that all these “inventive, yet crazy”  little tricks that I’m about to share w/ you, are            MY OWN- WONDERFUL IDEAS–  there’s no extensive studies approving any of this…but what the heck- “give it a try.. ok…ok.  After you get thru laughing……  then  “give it a try.”    I’m Serious!

 Here’s a little about Vitamin E

The Miracle Supplement- Vitamin E , leads the list of natural remedies & is a powerful antioxidant that fights specific cancers & heart disease. It helps promote a healthy heart, supports a healthy immune system, as well as, helps w/prostate and mental health.

Studies suggest that vitamin E can help people with diabetes, it improve’s immunity in the elderly, it prevent’s colon cancer, protect’s against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.


I,  myself  “FIRMLY” believe that vitamin E keeps your arteries from getting clogged  up with cholesterol.                                                                   That is only my opinion.


Vitamin E has proven helpful to decrease hot flashes, because it is structurally similar (on the molecular level) to Estrogen.  (So it might act as a mild form of estrogen replacement therapy.)

For decades people have consumed supplemental amounts in the form of vitamin E capsules. The most important key role of vitamin E, is as an antioxidant. It soaks up free radicals which are produced by the interaction of oxygen and fats in the body.  By doing this it protects the cells of your immune system.

Have you ever bought something, got it home, tried it out, And loved it?     

That’s kinda how I met the “huge ray of sunshine, in a gel cap” we know as Vitamin E.  Not only was I impressed w/ it when I started taking it; but it has proven to be great for anything that my mind comes up with.   And I can come up with some doozies!

Now..  here’s a few things “I”  do with it!?

(i’m sure you’ve never thought of most of them)

*my mind works in mysteriously creative ways, sometimes!?*
    • Squeaky doors or hinges.. lube them up!                                                                        (bite a tiny hole in top of capsule & squeeze a little on it.)
    • feet feel rough?..lube them baby’s up!                                                                       (2 drops goes a long way.)
    • going somewhere & your sexy boots dont shine?...lube them up 2!             (the more u rub the warmer it gets which in turn, makes it                    spread like butter.)
    • trying to pimp out your ride?..forgot your tires?..lube ’em up!                                     (shines tires. rub it in, let it sit a minute, then wipe.)
    • have a teeney weenie little pet turtle & dont like to see his skin dry?.  you said it..  ” get loo-bee with it!”                                                     (It’ll look like his shell’s been detailed!) 
    • what about your baby pet frog that gets alligator skin?..   (Frederickour frog- loved it so much he’d lay on his back & let me grease him up using a Q-tip!)
    • Lizard’s too..(feet, toes, tail)
    • Your baby’s bottom. (creates a protective barrier between butt & wet diaper.)
    • green leafy houseplants.. ( a little dab will do ya)
    • opening day of hunting season & ur boots leak?                             (squirt it on your boot seams/stitches.  smear it in with your finger & you’re good to go!)
    • leave your tools in the rain?...lube ’em up!                                              (rub a drop or 2 onto all rust, let sit a day or 2, repeat the rub down,  another day & it’ll open & close.  A little elbow grease–rust is gone .
    • Your dog has puppies and you dont want her “boobies” to sag?  (my dog  Fancy” loved it on her’s!  And it brought her’s back up where they were supposed to be too!)
    • The same thing  goes for people too.  (So slather your’s with some lube!)
    • When Fancy’s ears or paw’s feel rough.. I rub ’em down with some “E”…(problem solved!)
    • Riding 4 wheeler & your bearing starts to squeal..                              (those few “just in case” Vitamin E caps I tossed in my tool bag works like a charm.)       (that’s pretty good, considering the way I like to ride.)                            gettin' muddy
    • My newest use, as of yesterday:  (works great on sprocket & chains.)  Once I, “put the lube down” on the chain,  I got to ride, glide, slip-n-slide. 

This is Only the Beginning of the 100’s of things I use Vitamin E for.   The rest will be coming soon on my next one.  So stay tuned-

it’s just now starting to get interesting!


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What is Acne? & Why the heck do we have it??

What is Acne?  &  Why do we have it??


acne formation

If you have acne or the “occasional” breakout- you are not alone.   Millions of people around the globe suffer from acne.  Actually, almost everyone has had a pimple or two in their lifetime.

Some have a few pimples, while others have acute acne.


So let me explain acne in general. 


Acne is a distressed skin condition that has either non-inflammatory or inflammatory lesions.  It effects all ages & in different stages of life.

The most common form of acne is Acne Vulgaris.   This usually begins @ the onset of puberty, where hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands & cause them to produce too much Sebum.

Some acne is hereditary.  If one or both parents have acne or oily skin, there is a very good chance that the offspring will have it also.

It happens when epidermal cells (skin cells) don’t shed.  Instead they stick to the surface of skin and line the inner walls of pores & follicles.

This is known as Cell Buildup.  After this happens, the excess Sebum coats or “waxes over” the cell buildup deep down in the follicles, & this is the beginning of an acne lesion.


Inflammatory & Non-inflammatory

Inflammatory Lesions are inflamed, red & swollen lesions.  The typical pimple is inflammatory.

Non-inflammatory Lesions are not red or inflamed.  An example of this is an open comedone (blackhead) &  closed comedone. (white head)

Open Comedones occur when follicles are full, begin to stretch & fill with cells & sebum. This pushes the comedone toward the surface.  When oxygen comes in contact with the top of the comedone it darkens the surface. Therefore resulting in a Blackhead.

Acne is caused by bacteria.  Bacteria feed off of the impacted sebum in the follicles . And when the follicle is blocked from getting oxygen circulation, the bacteria multiply.

skins pores

Open & Closed Comedones.

  • Open comedones are non-inflammatory acne lesions appearing as large, clogged follicles.  They are filled with solidified sebum & dead cell buildup, often called blackheads.
  • Open comedones occur when the follicle is large enough to hold all of the debris retained by the follicle.  The opening in these follicles is dilated by the mass of the impaction, allowing the comedo to push toward the skin surface.
  • Closed comedones have small pore openings & walls that stretch to hold the impaction- which causes the impaction to have a lack of oxygen.  This makes the lesion become easily inflammed.
  • Closed comedones are seen in adults & often associated with the use of comedogenic cosmetics.


Papules & Pustules:

Papule is a red, sore bump w/out a whitehead.  Once cells clump up, they rise to the surface; creating a Pustule.

Papules are deeper in the skin & effect nerve endings. (which make them sore.)

Pustules are close to the skin surface, therefore are less painful.


Grades of Acne:

  • grade 1 acne:  open & closed comedones w/ occasional pimple. (puberty, teenagers)
  • grade 2 acne:  large # of closed comedones w/ pustules & papules.
  • grade 3 acne:  very inflammed & red, has a large # of open & closed comedones along w/ many pustules & papules.
  • grade 4 acne:  cystic acne, has many deep cysts & causes scar formation.


Here’s a tip or two:

  • Zinc supplements help w/ breakouts.
  • choose skincare products & cosmetics that are non-comedonenic.
  • When cleaning face dab or rub lightly. Don’t scrub. Scrubbing & rubbing too hard only irritates skin w/ acne.
  • Natural clay’s & cleansers that contain charcoal help w/ blackheads & breakouts.
  • KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF!!  your hands have germs & bacteria which inflames acne, also the dirt & oils blocks your pores when your hands rub your face.



There’s tons more interesting info & facts on acne… check back for the next new acne info page. If you’d like to see what product I recommend for acne check out:


If you have any questions or comments leave them below or contact me on my email.-   I look forward to hearing from you.

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MY REVIEW: Proactiv Solution


My Review:  Proactiv Solution                                            

  • Product:  Proactiv Solution
  • Price:  $19.99 – $29.99
  • Cheapest place to buy:
  • Size of products: 3 steps system- all  3 are 2 oz.
  • My Rating:  **10 out of 10 **




Proactiv started in 1995.  It is used for treatment of acne & existing blemishes while helping to prevent future breakouts before they appear.  Each step builds on the step before, attacking the acne cycle to clear existing blemishes and help prevent future breakouts.

Proactiv features advanced micro-crystal benzoyl peroxide, designed to work faster and gentler than ever before. The 30 day system includes a 2 oz. Proactiv Renewing Cleanser, a 2 oz. Proactiv Revitalizing Toner, and a 1 oz. Proactiv Repairing Treatment.


Proactiv Solution is a 3-step acne treatment system to be used twice a day over the entire face to disrupt the acne cycle, as opposed to ‘spot treating’ pimples.

This legendary 3- step system features effective prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide, a finely milled medicated ingredient that treats  acne head on.

My personal experience:


I have used proactiv now for quite a few years.  Although I never really had a problem with acne,  I occassionally had a blemish or two.  And when I did– it was horrendous!

I felt like everyone ( myself included) was only looking at the little red bump I had on my chin.  So I decided to give it a try.  I really liked that it used benzoyl peroxide.  Peroxide is one of my frequently used items.

It doesn’t leave a residue on my face & it doesn’t feel greasy or weighed down. It also seems to make my skin feel clean & refreshed.



    • clears up acne.
    • helps to prevent future breakouts.
    • improves your skin with continues use.
    • fights blackheads
    • works on all skin types




  • 3 step system can cost anywhere from $19.95- $40.00
  • Must call company to order or go online.
  • Benzoyl peroxide (very rarely)  may not agree with very sensitive skin types.



My overview:


Proactiv Solution is well worth trying; especially if you have acne or problematic skin.  It starts working fast & you see results quickly.

It is…  in my opinion,,,  one of the very best acne treatments on the market today.



**************Give it a try!*************


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