All natural skincare for men.



Facts about men’s skin:                                               

  • Men have thicker skin than women.
  • Men have 20% oilier skin than women.
  • Men have larger pores than women.
  • Men’s skin has smaller sebaceous glands.
  • Most men don’t know how to take care of their skin.

Male hormones (or androgens) are the mechanisms that cause stimulation of the sebaceous glands, which in turn produce more sebum.  This sebum causes inflammation in the hair follicles, thus causing bacteria to form.                                                                                                  Testosterone, an androgen, converts to dihydrotestosterone, (DHT) a form of male hormone, which switches on the oil glands. The oil glands are stimulated via receptor sites on the cells of the sebaceous glands thus causing breakouts.

Here’s a easy to follow skincare routine:

After cleansing with soap ,(ivory) to wash away dirt& oils, use a toner on skin that doesn’t contain alcohol.  Toners with alpha hydroxyl acids help to reduce pore size & also help to prevent ingrown hairs.        For moisture you can break open a Vitamin E capsule & rub onto face.

Shaving advice:

Shave after a warm shower, or apply a warm washcloth to face for several minutes, to soften hairs. Apply shave cream or gel so razor will glide over skin. Always shave in the direction of hair growth. Rinse afterward with lukewarm water. Finally, moisturize to hydrate skin. (alcohol free aftershaves & toner’s help to hydrate skin.

If skincare products you use burn, tingle, irritate or hurt- don’t use it!


Here are a few DIY recipes:

Aftershave balm:

1 c.witch hazel                                                    1 tsp.vegetable glycerin                6 drops sweet orange oil                              3 drops of sandalwood oil            Mix all ingredients. Pour into glass bottle. Drop a few drops onto  hands and splash onto face.


Aftershave cream:                                                                                                                1/8 c. coconut oil                                                                                                                   1/2 c. shea butter, softened                                                                                              2-4 drops of essential oil (your choice)                                                      Vitamina_E_(suplemento)_095             Mix ingredients well, use on your face.


DIY all natural deoderant                                        1/2 c. cornstarch                                                     1/2 c. baking soda                                                   10 drops tea tree oil                                                                                                         4tsp. coconut oil                                                                                                             Mix ingredients well.  Place in airtight container.                                              To use: scoop some out & slather under your arms.


I hope this article helps all the men in our lives. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below. Hope to see you again.



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8 thoughts on “All natural skincare for men.”

  1. I love the DIY tips. As a male, and one who often has skin problems I’m glad I came across your site.
    I’ve tried all sorts of ‘products’ that make big claims but don’t actually deliver results.
    I like that you explain the basics of what is happening with our skin and give practical advice and tips on how to look after our skin, rather than just try to sell us some ‘miracle’ product.
    I will definitely be trying some of your DIY concoctions and I’ll be back to check this site again soon.

    1. Thanks for your nice comment. It helps to know that someone benefits from my pages. I am working on several new pages right now. I’d love for you to come back & visit my site again.
      I assure you, It’ll be interesting!

  2. Hey there it’s Alexey. I really liked this article because this is exactly what I experience right now – Acne. And you gave here some insight, and awesome tips. I am definitely going to use them from this day.
    Thanks so much for the value – It really helped me.

    1. Thanks for your comment.
      Anytime you have any questions, comments or concerns PLEASE- feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear from you.
      Thanks again & I hope you come back & visit some more!

  3. Yes I’ve heard that tip that men should shave after showering.

    Thank you for these great natural recipes for men’s skincare, this will be a great thing to make for my hubby… especially in the months when I want to do something nice for him and money is tight!

    The best thing is most of these ingredients I always have on hand too. Teatree oil is always in my medicines supply, it really is a natural wonder!

    1. thanks for your comment.
      I love coming up with new DIY recipes. I am constantly working on some type of homemade /all natural recipe. Come back & check out some of the new pages I am working on. I’d love to hear from you again.

  4. Hi Misti,

    Great looking site. I did have a bit of a problem finding where to leave a comment though. I guess I’m not used to finding it at the bottom of the page.

    1. thanks for visiting my site. It is still a work in progress. I will definately check into making my comments section easier to find.
      If you’d like,check back later & read some of the newest pages i’m working on now.

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