Be “Full” of Wonder.











                                                                                                                                           Be “Full” of Wonder


Wonder is beautiful, to  Wonder is fun.  Wonder about EVERYTHING under the Sun!  

Wonder what’s new, Wonder whats next, Wonder what’s up, Wonder what’s down, Wonder what’s inside, Wonder what’s out.

Wonder why you sing, Wonder why you shout!

For it’s the Wonder       that life’s all about. 

   “Starve” to learn            everything you can!         { with wisdom comes a Confidence-  You can get from No Man.}      

  “Hunger” for laughter   happiness & faith…

       -the things you need, to make your life Great.

       “Snack” on the things             that bug you a bit;              no need to Swallow       You Can  Always Spit!                                                                  When you’re finally            FULL at the end of your meal,   

       “Wonder-full”                  is now,                 how you feel!


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