Coconut Oil & it’s many uses.

what is coconut oil you say??

It’s a fatty oil that is extracted from the meat of a mature coconut. It is used in beauty & skincare products, candies, soaps & other food products. Its use has been traced back to the early 1800’s.

It is a skincare must have in in my opinion. It moisturizes you skin, tames your mane, nourishes your body & even lubricates.

Here’s a few ways it’s used.
  • diaper rash cream
  • body moisturizer
  • homemade deoderant  lip balm & lip gloss
  • homemade deoderant
  • stretch marks
  • body scrub’s
  • facial scrub’s
  • cheekbone highlighter
  • shaving cream
  • massage oil
  • nipple cream(for nursing mothers)
  • to fade age spots
  • sunburn care
  • sexual lubricants
  • tanning oil
  • overnight conditioner
  • dry, cracked feet
  • static reducer
  • metabolism booster
  • an energizer
  • homemade toothpaste
  • wound care
  • seasoning cast iron pans
  • taming fly aways & frizz

This is on of my favorites…

coconut sugar scrub:

  • 2 cups cane sugar
  • 1 cup kosher salt
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 1tbsp almond extract
  • 1 tsp. vitamin e oil

mix together, add more liquid until you reach the desired consistency. massage scrub onto body in circular motions.                         especially on your elbows, knees, & feet. Use extreme care on face, scrub is very abrasive.

It gets rid of dead skin & moisturizes at the same time.

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3 thoughts on “Coconut Oil & it’s many uses.”

  1. awesome article! I love coconut oil. It’s so versatile. And your sugar scrub recipe, I have to give it a try this weekend.


    1. Thanks for visiting my site. Give the scrub a try, you will love it. Remember its kinda abrasive.
      Hope you visit my site again, I have lots more ideas & recipes.
      Misti C

  2. Great article on coconut oil. I love using coconut oil and have used it for the following applications from your list: diaper rash cream, body moisturizer, stretch marks, and nipple cream (for nursing mothers).

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