Finding “Your”self…


Finding yourself…                                                                        

If you read any self help or motivational articles these days, most of them say that you should find yourself.  But what does this actually mean?  How do you go about finding yourself?  Where do you start? And how do you know that you have found your true selffind urself

These are the questions that I’ve been asking myself since I decided to write this article. I have read lots of articles, flipped thru tons of magazines & even downloaded a few apps that claim to help you do just that.  And in the end, I was still in the same place that I was when I started. 

Here’s a quote that’s helped me, maybe it will you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      “Get out of your head & get into your heart.                Think less, feel more.”   ~Osho    

Of all the quotes that I have read, this one seemed to help me personally,  in beginning my journey.  I am just starting out & definately still learning; but here are my thoughts & advice so far.

First off, take a step back & learn about yourself.  Try & imagine that you are on the outside looking in..

 Some say, pretend it’s your friend & you are giving them advice.     What advice would you give them?

But, I don’t agree..

In my opinion that over complicates things.  Who’s advice should you give yourself? (when looking for “yourself”)                                                  Advice from your own inner being,  who knows you the best…          or a friends advice, who may or may not have the same beliefs  or opinions as you?

Try & imagine that you are on the outside looking in..

Although it is very new to me, I do believe that meditation is helpful. How else can u clear your mind of everything & start to look within yourself?? I also think it’s best to get the hardest part out of the way in the beginning. Meaning- Go ahead & look at your past mistakes- Accept Them & Move On!!

Try new things. Something that you’ve always wanted to do.

Get out of your comfort zone. Anything that isn’t the “same ole thing” you’ve been doing. “If that were working, we wouldn’t be searching.”  Become a beginner again; study a new language; read a new book. Anything of interest that you’ve never studied?  Learning new things opens you up to a whole new world out there, just waiting for you to enjoy!

Finding your purpose in life doesn’t have to be as hard & scary as everyone say’s. Why should it be? You don’t have to make yourself feel bad all over again, just to feel good in the end.                              Work thru what’s bothering you & then- CUT IT LOOSE.

 Create the person that you are within, by accepting your past & your present. You can’t change it anyway. Just let your inner spirit guide you into your future. And you will be fine.

Laughter & happiness are the best things to strive for. The rest will come naturally if you just give yourself a chance. Enjoy yourself & be thankful for the life you do have. Sometimes we get so caught up in worries that we forget to be thankful for the things we do have.

Lastly, don’t expect it to happen overnight. It took a while for you to get where you are now, so it’s gonna take some time to work thru it. You may get frustrated, but hang in there, it will be worth it in the end.


Beginning my journey..

I am just beginning my journey towards finding myself, so I’ve decided to take notes & keep you up to date as I go.                                       Please remember, I am searching too, I’ll make a few mistakes as I go, but I’ll be glad to pass on anything that helps.                                             Maybe we can help each other along the way. I will be posting updates on my journey & I’d love to hear about your’s too.                       If you have any questions or wanna leave a comment leave it below or visit my site:  



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24 thoughts on “Finding “Your”self…”

  1. hi!
    Ahhhh finding yourself, the mystical phrase that some like to throw around….I am with you that it is not that easy to figure out what that means and to actually “find” ourselves. But you make some very good points. Accept your past and present. SOOOO important! But at times soooooo not easy. In the past year, I have gone through every stress there is and thus through a major transformation. But for the better I believe. It took me a while but I have accepted my past. As for my present, well it might not be perfect but it is me. And there is a reason why I am here at this exact moment. I can still change my present and in time I will. I have surrounded myself with supportive nonjudgmental people and that is extremely important. Otherwise, true acceptance might not come.
    Looking forward to reading about your journey 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment. I do appreciate you reading my article. Feel free to contact me anytime w/ questions, commentsor advice. It sounds like you are further on this journey than I am… I may be having to contact YOU for advice…!!lol
      I do thank you.
      Misti C

  2. I am so with you on this! not sure that I would call it finding myself, but I can relate. I agree that letting go is one of the best thing you can do for yourself. Accept those past mistakes and move on. I’m an avid believer in working thru what’s bothering you and cutting it loose. Loved your post.

  3. I was very taken in by you post. People seeking to find their inner self or their “true” self. I have read a few book on this exact subject. There is one book I was introduced to by a Life Coach. This particular book really has helped myself and some of my students look beyond the Comfort Zone.

    Please feel free to visit my site, Affiliate Incomes, and look for the book call: Play Your Bigger Game: 9 Minutes to Learn, a Lifetime to Live.

  4. Thanks for visiting my site & for leaving a comment.
    I appreciate it alot.
    I have been working on a few topics that include christian beliefs, & indian healing rituals. Hope that you check out my site again.
    Thank you very much!

  5. Hi Misti. Finding yourself (myself) has always held my interest. Some of these elements you mentioned are really spiritual in nature. … like know yourself…admit your mistakes and process them to the point where those memories are benign and of no effect on the present, and consequently, the future. Yes tough to do but doable.

    I could go on and on but, like you, Im on the journey too, but with a twist. I have incorporated Christian principles in my self-assessment/knowledge and have made more progress in just the past 5 yrs than I did within the 20yrs since I first started.

    But I still hunger for knowledge, so I’ll be back. Keep up the good work.

  6. Thank you for this inspirational article about finding yourself. I agree that one of the best ways to discover your hidden desires and talents is to get out of your comfort zone and do something you always thought of but have been hesitate. Take up a new hobby for instance. If we do not get out of our comfort zones, we will never be better than what we are today. If we do not learn new things, we will not progress to become a bigger and better person. We need to stop being afraid of failing and remember that to fail at times is part of life and it is okay.

  7. I love this article. Thank you so much for sharing. I think you and I may be kindred spirits. 🙂 I’ve found that finding yourself is a life long journey. What would be the fun of it if you found yourself all at once.

    It’s the strengths you find that you have when facing adversity. Its the love you find that you have when something new or someone special comes into your life. Its the flaws that you find that keeps you humble.

    The beautiful thing is that we are all unique. We all have something special to offer the world. I for one don’t want to find it all at once, I want to keep surprising myself and others.

    Blessings to you kindred spirit.

    Be Inspired,

    Tony a

    1. Thanks for you comment. I appreciate it.
      It’s nice to have kindred spirits, don’t see that very often.
      Keep in touch & check back for more articles.
      thanks again,
      Misti C

  8. Yes, I am on a journey of self discovery my self and it has been delightful. I love being in the now and being able to look at everything around while I continue my journey. I wish you the best of luck and as you said it is ok to make mistakes.

  9. I really love this post. Lessons or topics on finding oneself are my passion. It is what I write about too. From finding oneself in self, in relationships and in one’s thoughts. I really enjoyed this post.

    I think self discovery is an exciting journey, so many twists and turns and it takes a lifetime but it also makes every step, every bit interesting and worth it.

    Thank you for an inspiring post.


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