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4 Nutrient’s You Can’t Live Without

fresh fruits and vegetables isolated on white background
fresh fruits and vegetables isolated on white background

These days our busy schedules send us running for processed foods instead of home cooked meals.  Therefore cutting us short of 4 micro nutrients that are crutial to the functioning of our cells.                                 These micro nutrients make it possible for you to Think, Move & Breathe.

*  Choline:  Responsible for all your body’s thoughts & movements; aides in mental sharpness, also a type of B Vitamin that allow nutrients                          to enter brain cells & toxin’s to exit.

*  Co Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10):  With out this you could not walk,                                        breathe, pump blood to heart or even survive. Studies                                  show that taking this micro nutrient slow’s the                                                 progression of Parkinson’s Disease.  It is an antioxidant                               that protects cells from free radicals.

*Potassium:  Recommended daily intake- 4,700 milligrams/day.                                        Helps bood pressure.  Banana’s have 422mg of                                                 potassium, while potato w/ skins have 926mg.                                                  Foods high in potassium are- spinach, carrot juice,                                          prune juice, beets, greens, white beans, papayas, dried                                 apricots, avacados & salmon.

* Vitamin B12:  Helps the brain & promotes a healthy nervous                                                  system.  It is vital in keeping us sharp-( both mentally                                   & physically). B12 is abundant in fish, meat, eggs &                                         dairy.

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