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Use_Sunscreen_SprayIt seems like in today’s society people just don’t have time to tend to their skin care needs. Too many things to do with too little time to do them in..            Speaking from an (almost) Esthetician’s point of view;  Everyone, man, woman & child should take certain steps toward their skincare needs. It doesn’t take up too much time to slather on a little sunblock. It moisturizes and with its biggest advantages–                            IT WARD’S OFF SKIN CANCER!!

Here are some time-saver tips:

*Place a bottle of lotion(w/sunblockpreferrably) where you shower. Before you dry completely-rub some on. Pat dry w/towel to avoid greasy feeling.

*Put a small refillable bottle in your car for those times when you don’t even have the time to shower.

*Buy bodywash with shea butter or some type of moisturizer.

*Place a few drop’s of mineral oil in your bath water. (This is one of my time-saver’s) But it works.

All-in-All.. Your skin will thank you for it! And you will end up w/ less wrinkles &/or dry patches.

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2 thoughts on “Love Your Skin”

  1. I agree that most folks are in such a hurry in life that they neglect the simplest of things like proper skincare. It really doesn’t take that much effort. I like your tips, especially about the mineral oil. I use it in the bath as well.

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