Plant extracts in skincare.

Plant extracts in skincare.aloe

Plant extracts are (mostly) liquids that have been pressed, boiled or chemically extracted from different plants.  They can be extracted from the plants- leaves, flowers, bark, peelings or from the roots.

The benefits of extracts in skincare are extensive & wide-ranging. They are used in skin lotions, creams, wraps, masks, compresses, sprays & a variety of other products.

Here are some common plant extracts & their properties

  • aloe vera extract:   soothing, improves hydration, is also used to reduce redness.
  • grapeseed extract:  an antioxidant,  has soothing & anti-redness properties.
  • green tea:  used as antioxidant, has soothing properties.
  • hamamelis (witch hazel):  used as astringent.
  • Licorice extract: has soothing & skin lightening properties.
  • seaweed / algae extract:  moisturizational & hydrational properties.

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