Wealthy Affiliate Review (#2)

Wealthy Affiliate Review   (#2)


 My Purpose              

  The purpose of my Review is to offer my reader’s a  comprehensive & in debth look into Wealthy  Affiliate.   All statements are my own personal  opinions.

 My desire is to give you an honest insight into the program that I’ve grown to Love.

   I hope that I can help @ least ONE Struggling               Entrepreneur & point him/her in the right direction   so that they can fulfill their dreams of having an    Online Business.




Wealthy Affiliate,  I believe,  is the best place to build a business starting @ the ground floor.  They teach you how to set up & design your own website, they show you how to create content, how to get google ranked, hw to Market your site, etc.                                           Everything you need to build your business.

   The owner’s, Kyle & Carson are the MOST Helpful people, out of Everyone that I’ve came across on my journey.

 They go above & beyond to help each & every           person succeed.                                                                       Not only does WA have Fantastic Owner’s;  but the Entire Community @ Wealthy Affiliate are the friendliest group that I know of.  It actually feels like a big “family.”   

 Whether starting from scratch or building your existing business…                                                                     I Highly Recommend that you give Wealthy Affiliate a try. I Promise; You Will Not be Dissappointed!

Pro’s & Con’s:


  1. The training you receive @ WA is the best out there.  It is thorough & you can tell that they’ve put a lot of heart into each & every lesson.
  2. You can tell, from the start- that Kyle & Carson have our Best Interest’s in mind.  They spend time in the community & actually interact w/ everyone.
  3. WA offer’s more training’s than most everyone.
  4. WA is a wonderful place to learn & grow. You can do this at your own pace, with helpful feedback & ideas from the Community.


  1. I thought & thought trying to come up with @ least 1 or 2 con’s.  And- HONESTLY, I really & truly cannot come up with ANY complaints!  Please do not think that I’m just saying that to lure you into some kind of “big scheme” to get your money..      m  Because I’M NOT!!!! Seriously!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Speaking truthfully, Kyle has really went out of his way to help me out.  (On more than one occasion) 


Tool’s & Training:

Online Entrepreneur Certification, Affiliate Bootcamp.  Build & design your own website from scratch. Create your Content, Images. Get Google Ranked. SEO & Marketing to name few.  There’s TON’s of thing’s you’ll learn here!

Wealthy Affiliate Support:

The support you receive here @ Wealthy Affiliate is Outstanding.  NO OTHER PLACE CAN COMPARE!                       Anything you need is just a few clicks away.  Whether you just need an opinion of your latest work or you’re                   having a problem;  The “Family” here at Wealthy Affiliate will be here to help!




The price is FREE to start You can begin the lessons, try it & then you have the option to become a Premium Member for $49.00.

My Final Opinion:

  Wealthy Affiliate is the Absolute Best Place to  learn & grow. 

   I,  Myself,  would like to Personally express my  Sincerest Thanks to Kyle & Carson.                            If you read my About Me Page, you will see that  I have Struggled just to make ends meet.  I was @ a place in my life-where everything seemed  hopeless.  I didn’t have but a few $ to my name,    I had tried desperately any & every thing I could  find.  I talked to anyone who’d listen, asking  for  just a little help.   And to no avail-                        THEY ALL JUST TOOK MY $ and never tried to  help me.  Nor did they even consider what I’d  been going thru.

   You see, I AM a good person & I honestly wasn’t  trying to get something for free.  I was  “desperately” pleading for someone to have a  heart & lend me a helping hand.

    Then, one day, (thanks to “My Granny”)  The  Good Lord Shined Down On Me & led me to   Kyle @ Wealthy Affiliate...                                           And here I Am Today!!                                                           I will never forget, nor will I ever quit telling  everyone about his kindness.                   





As always, I’d like to Thank You for reading my Review.  I hope it helps you decide to come visit us @ Wealthy Affiliate & start your new career!  If you’d like to check it out, here’s my affiliate link:   https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/mistic1976

Remember it’s free to try!

I am also offering you a Bonus if you join Premium w/in 7 days!

Please have a look around. You are welcome to leave me any questions or concerns you may have & I will do my very best to help.  I will be adding lots of new content, so if there’s a subject you’d like me to cover– leave it in the comments below & I will definately get right to it.

Thanks Again & Have a Wonderful Day!                                                                                                       Misti C.                                     



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2 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review (#2)”

  1. Nice review of WA! Looking into it I agree with you that they are sincere about helping you succeed which is rare these days. They are DEFINITELY NOT a scam! I would recommend them over anything out there! Thanks for point in the right direction!

    1. Well, thank you sir for your great comment.
      I hope that I can help to point lots of people into an easier path..
      Lord knows it took me “forever” to get- kinda- walkin’ sideway’s in the right direction! lol
      I really appreciate you visiting my site & I hope that you come back & check out some of my stuff on here. WA is great!
      I wouldn’t recommend them if I didnt think that they were. I know how it feels to struggle & be scammed. Not very many people these days want 2 even bother to lend a helping hand, that’s why I hope you will come back because I want to help however I can.

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